Canyonleigh in the Southern Highlands NSW is a wonderful place to visit for alpaca tours and farm stays. The area was surveyed by Major Thomas Mitchell, who called the area Wombat Bush. In 1893, the name was changed to Canyan Leigh. It was named by Jane Murray, one of the residents in Long Swamp and Paddys River. Her property had a view of the valley, and this gave here the idea of giving the place a name with the word “Canyon” or “Canyan”. Canyonleigh is characterised by vast pastoral lands.


Agriculture and timber getting have long been the main industries in the area. There were a few timber mills built and there were some coal mines in Canyonleigh. In the 1950s up to the 1960s, the area was cleared of timber and converted to the pastoral land that it is today. Tourists who want to have a relaxing atmosphere can go to Canyonleigh for peace and quiet. It is also close to towns and cities, so visitors are near shopping centres even if they are in a country environment.


Because of the abundance of bushlands, Canyonleigh is home to wild birds, bats, goannas, echidnas, wombats and kangaroos. The area also has unique flora and fauna.