Braemar is one the northern villages of the Southern Highlands of New South Wales.

It is located 2 km north-east of Mittagong and is often considered to include the hamlet villages of Balaclava and Willow Vale.

Hill Top, Colo Vale, Willow Vale, Balmoral as well as Braemar are located on the historical Picton Loop Line which used to be part of the Main Southern railway line but became a separate line in 1919 upon the building of a new alignment for the main line ( see Southern Highlands railway line ). The Loop line and stations are still intact. The northern section of the line is used by Thirmere’s Railway Museum for the museum’s antique steam trains, while the remainder of the line is now disused.

The new line that was opened in 1919 was built a few kilometres east into the villages of Yerrinbool, Alpine, Aylmerton and Balaclava. This line is still in use but Yerrinbool is the only Northern Village to retain an open railway station.

Braemar and its surrounding villages are also located on the historic Old Hume Highway along with Yerrinbool, Alpine and Aylmerton until the construction of the current Hume Highway in the 1980s.